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Anné Linden, MA





     Hello, this is Anné Linden. I want to let everyone know that I recovered from Covid -- it was a long and tough one -- but my mind and mouth are 100%; no, actually 120%! I'm still dealing with some physical issues but nothing that interferes with working with people; unless that would involve hiking up hills or standing in line for an hour!

     I am honored that Jeffrey Zeig included an interview he did with me in his recent book, AN EPIC LIFE on Milton Erickson and Ericksonian Hypnosis in the section, The Cast of Experts.

     I consider myself a "mentor of the unconscious". The unconscious is your hidden mind where your talents and resources are, where you make meaning of your experiences, where you create your values and beliefs. So, over my years of working with people I've come to realize that building rapport and trust with this mind is crucial for creating and maintaining a cycle that leads to a well-lived life: Self-Responsibility --> Choice  --> Freedom --> Self-Responsibility --> Choice -->Freedom --> and so on…     

     I am continuing my trainings in Europe via ZOOM and offering one-on-one sessions via phone or ZOOM.


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Established 1979

For 43 years a Tradition of Excellence in NLP Training and Counseling.


The New York Training Institute for NLP (NYTI/NLP) founded by Anné Linden, was the first NLP center in the world and enjoys an international reputation for the excellence of its programs and trainings. It was built on more than 30 years of the study, applications, and teaching of NLP. NYTI/NLP is cited by many as providing the highest quality and most thorough training available in NLP. The Institute is one of the major sources for NLP fundamentals and innovations; it has trained many of the outstanding NLP practitioners and trainers in the world.


Anné Linden, The First Lady of NLP, was a witness to and participant in the creation of NLP. She was one of the members of the very first certification training group John Grinder and Richard Bandler offered. Over the years she developed a number of NLP models: Sorting by Other, Fair Witness, Spatial Reframe, Spiral Beliefs, The Senoi Fear Process, The Self Concept and Identity Model, and many others. She has created the unique Ericksonian Hypnosis Certification Training Program using NLP to make clearer and more accessible the genius of Dr. Milton Erickson. And after many years of research and experience she created an entirely new approach to interpersonal and intrapersonal communication and change: THE LINDEN BOUNDARIES MODEL.


NYTI Certification Trainings in NLP at Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer Levels, Certification Training in Ericksonian Hypnosis at Basic and Advanced levels, a Certification Training Program in the Linden Boundaries Model and trainings in the Enneagram are offered in New York, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Ireland.

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